We offer multiple services including Web design, SEO, app development, game development, E-Commerce Website Development, and more.

We'll even get you set up with web hosting, a domain name, and monthly maintenance. We specialize in making your website, or app look, feel, and work like a finely tuned machine.

We don't waste time. We get right to the meat and potatoes of what YOU as a company need to succeed.

We build eCommerce sites, static websites, websites for photographers, construction workers, lawyers, repairmen, YouTubers, musicians, small to large retail companies, Cleaning companies, etc..

We don't care what niche you are in. We're going to design you something beautiful that will knock your socks off and put you Years ahead of your competition!

Web hosting

We keep it real with high-end web hosting & The lowest downtime we've seen in the industry.


Is your current SEO Company charging you hundreds a month and getting you 0 results? No worries, We're industry professionals. We'll boost Your Seo with a written out process to get you to the top of Google's search results.

Web Design

We're Software Engineers, who deliver top-notch Web Designs that will put you ahead of your competition. We build everything from static websites, E-Commerce stores to progressive web apps. Are you tired of your boring, ugly website? No worries, We'll make you something beautiful that looks even better than your web designers home page!

App Development

Do you have an app idea that could be as big as TicToc, Angry birds, Fortnight, or Facebook? Don't worry, We don't just build websites here. We make responsive fast websites that will put your local Web design company to shame. We know that sounds like a lot to offer, but our Software Engineers are Experienced professionals who have worked at companies like Google, Facebook, and Startups across the globe.

Monthly maintenence

Does your current website only look good on a 40-inch desktop monitor? No worries, we'll fix your site so it works on mobile devices like iPhones, Android phones, tablets, and Ipads. Also, Every site we build is automatically mobile friendly at no extra cost.

Responsive Design

Does your current website only look good on a 40 inch desktop monitor? No worries, we'll fix your site so it works on mobile devices like Iphones, android phones, tablets and Ipads. Also, Every site we build is automatically mobile friendly at no extra cost.

What do we do in layman's terms?

    We turn ugly, slow, non-mobile friendly websites and apps into highly converting, high ranking machines. Our goal is to make you money and we plan to do that by using the latest most up to date technologies to ensure your website doesn't get lost in a sea of mediocre websites. Whether you are in San Antonio, Texas, or any other part of the world We're here to help. We build mobile apps, static websites, and E-commerce Stores. We also do SEO.

Web Design Portfolio

We've added a large library of options for your web design project. We can make your site similar to any of the options below or we can create you something more custom. If you want something like the examples below just let us know.

Web Design Reviews

Talk is cheap, so just look at our reviews. Let our customers tell you how awesome our services are, whether it's web app development or E-commerce Development. We're here to stay and we want to make sure you are too!

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"Best quality website I've ever seen. Super kind and helpful. Really takes the time to help you..."

Web Design Customer Austin Weeks

- Austin Weeks

CEO - SpaceGuy Gaming
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"Good designs at a fair price."

Tavaris Johnson of Johnson 80 games

- Tavaris Johnson

CEO - Johnson 80 Games
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"I encourage anyone who needs a website build or needs mentoring on how to build one to contact Purple Cereal Web design.."

images\Courtney Craig.jpg

- Courtney Craig

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- Purple mint Digital

Web Design Agency
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"Very professional web design agency with amazing work and customer service!""

- Dijon Williams

Web Designer
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- Regular Joe

Student web developer
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- Gabriel J

Computer repair technician
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- Olalekan Balogun

Aspiring agency owner
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- Nes3N1

Web Developer
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